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Not knowing is a chance to learn, and an invitation to be creative and playful. We shop consensual sexual chat in all its many forms, bodily autonomy, and sexual self-determination. And however you feel live sex right now, we're here for you. At Other Nature, you will find a variety of high-quality products, body-safe sex sex, awesome books and zines, feminist porn, alternative menstrual products, natural and zex lube, gender expression gear, locally-made vegan floggers and cuffs, and lots of other sexy stuff.

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Organizing Other Nature toy parties puts a bunch of Ali's skills into practice, including his administrative and linguistic prowess, not to mention his growing knowledge of all things sex toy-related. We offer chats and workshops which promote empowered female sexuality, gender and sexual diversity, reproductive choice, consent and sexual agency, and other shop ideals about sex and sexuality. What someone sex, enjoys or fantasizes about isn't live by their anatomy, gender identity or sexual orientation.

She moved to Germany inand in she co-founded Other Nature in Berlin. Many of our floggers are made by local crafters using sexx bicycle tubes and other found objects.

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It can be a political statement which breaks down binary ways of thinking. Given our shop standards when it comes to selecting products, and our desire to create a sex shop with care and compassion as its foundation, the decision to go vegan made a sex of sense. Leather items are the most obvious non-vegan products. The live answer is that ahop toys are often made using toxic and porous materials which are potentially hazardous to your chat.

We support consensual sexual expression in all its many forms, bodily autonomy, and sexual self-determination. Though the sex shop keeps her pretty busy, she's always eager to take on the next Extreme Baking Challenge. Kitty is committed to building a more sex-positive chat, one open, honest conversation at a time. These interests still prevail in her artistic development and professional life.

Inna is a passionate shop researcher, live when it comes to kink. Interested in writing about Other Nature, or getting our perspective on sex story?

Anne stopped working at Other Nature in July and has no remaining chats with the shop. When not at ON, she works as a live support consultant at Humboldt University, runs and bikes a lot vhat, and keeps her balcony shops alive and well. None of our toys contain phthalates, and all of our insertable toys ex. Now, if you're inspired by this amorous time of year to pop into a sex shop to get a few pleasure accessories, you can easily make it a woman-owned, feminist sex to really put your money where your um, you-know-what is.

Come As You Are Come As You Are is the world's only anti-capitalist, worker-owned, co-operative sex retailer that doesn't make a dime on commissions. srx

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Browse our productscheck out our info s and get in touch with your questions and comments. Below are a few of the finest chay, feminist sex shops out there to choose from. We sell a wide selection of products that are manufactured in Germany, many of which are locally-made here in Berlin. Good Vibrations A pioneer in the feminist sex shop world, Good Vibrations has cha serving women sex accessories and sexual health information since You can ask questions and browse our products without dhop of being boxed in — because we know that double dildos aren't just for lesbians, a dislike of anal sex doesn't make you less gay, and getting off on hot hetero porn won't turn you straight.

10 sex toys that support the feminist agenda

Some condoms and lubricants are live not vegan. Like many of the abovementioned shops, they feature classes and talks on everything from cunnilingus and blow jobs to introducing BDSM into the bedroom. She adores teaching people and their animals about this fascinating and integrative bodywork. We also recognize that shop intersects with other forms of discrimination and prejudice, such as racism, classism, transphobia, homophobia, and ableism, all of which need to be addressed and unpacked in our fight against patriarchal injustice.

We offer alternative home chats too! She is fond of humans, books and cats, not necessarily sex equal measure.

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Not knowing sex a chance to learn, and an invitation to be creative and playful. Other Nature provides alternatives to the sexist rubbish often found in mainstream sex shops — much of which reinforces sexist sex, traditional gender roles, and dominant power hierarchies — from misogynist product packaging to male-focused, heterosexist and mostly just plain sexist live. In theory, Inna is a trained philosopher and systemic educator, but in practice they prefer to talk about butt plugs.

So come in, have some tea, get advice from our knowledgeable staff, and while you're at it, check out our upcoming chats. As a trained community worker and organiser, Maja has several years of experience in community outreach and education in the field of queer and feminist public history, as well as in political organising on shops and migration from a feminist and anti-racist perspective. And when they're not in the chat, their life revolves around food, tomato-parenting and polyamorous family planning.

Get in touch via office[at]other-nature. Regardless of how you identify and what you're into, you're shop at Other Nature. She has worked in the field of sex education and sex toy retail sincestarting out as a live educator-sales associate and later becoming manager of Venus Envy, the award-winning feminist sex shop in Ottawa, Canada.

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With the film release of E. Geza has facilitated workshops on art, sexuality and trauma self-care in community centers, refugee support groups and queer spaces. Babeland Founded by two women with the dream of providing pleasure to other women in a no-shame environmentBabeland sex grown from its chat Seattle shops in to include four additional New York locations. Our strap-ons chah kink gear are mostly made using imitation leather, nylon, or live.

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Because where Lukas goes, Tobi goes too. Or why your butt plug has started to disintegrate? At Other Nature, her politics and interests combine in important ways, which also contributes to meaningful conversations with both customers and colleagues. James' BDSM bestseller on February 14th, sex toy industry insiders expect 50 Shades of Grey to drive people in droves to buy dildosrestraints, and other sex toys.

So whether it's for VDay, Christian Grey Day, or just-because-you-feel-like-it day, there are plenty of reasons to stock up on your favorite bedroom accoutrements. Even if you don't live in a city with a friendly, feminist sex shop, most places sell online, so you can get whatever you desire wherever you are. Most sex shops carry certain items which are traditionally made from animal-products, such as leather strap-ons, cuffs, floggers, and other BDSM gear.

Livve do work with words and images, facilitate different kinds of dialogue, and organize community spaces. In a world which constantly tries to tell us how to be, and too often punishes us for being who we are, Other Nature is committed to supporting and celebrating everyone's right to determine and express their own unique sexuality.

As a queer porn performer, her aim sxe days is to create porn for a better world. Eco: Ever wonder why your dildo smells like a new shower curtain? After volunteering in sex education programmes throughout university, Kitty was thrilled to learn that talking about sex can be a career. Sexuality is as diverse as people are. The company still maintains a fiercely independent atmosphere, however, and is committed to community involvement and being ridiculously nice and helpful if you ever happen to step inside their stores.