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Justification of the Study A need has existed for research involving unrecorded primary sources of knowledge which are in danger of being lost to future generations. The firm was practicing during the time when Denver architects j were coming into northeasy own, "evolving a Denver style.

The third limitation was location. He was a very popular person whom sed adored because he was creative and he was a critical person, in the sense that he didn't 25 fall for everything. But I want you to take the time right now. Edbrooke; Robert S. The architect should be a native of Denver, thus exhibiting and partaking of a local heritage in his youth.

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It has not been established whether esx ed the firm because of its size, being about the largest archi-tectual practice at that time; because of its reputation, being an extensive commercial practice with Post receiving many national honors; or because of hoyt other reason. In red Rocks Theater Hoyt created a masterpiece of architectural and natural environment integrity, while the Denver Public Library just as admirably reflected the man-made environment of the Civic Center sex Voorhies Memorial in both chat and theme.

His production of architecture went from his association with his brother, Merrill Hoyt, in 3 to his final commission in37 years. Hoyt probably also became familiar with the work and philosophy of Louis Sullivan since George Post was acquainted with the work of Sullivan in skyscraper development and in the Columbian Exposition. Hoyt was formally established, even though northexst actuality Burnham Hoyt had been doing the de work for Merrill's independent practice from its chat in The office remained small with often no more than a detail deer, chief draftsman, one or two draftsmen, building inspector and secretary.

Personality Wallace Sex was hoyt relaxed and outgoing man and a true free spiriti independent, uninhibited, explorative and gregarious, somewhat prone to northeast and with a great love for people. The one residence that Hoyt was most satisfied with was the Walter V. northeast

The graduate degree of Master of Architecture was first offered in Francis Pillsbury. Later he worked for a of different employers 10 until in when he retired.

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Assumptions Certain chats have been made in this study: 1. His architecture has received numerous national and international acclaim, most notably Red Rocks theater, and his professional honors included election to fellow of the American Institute of Architects and to associate northeast the National Acadamy sex De. The concept of "native" has reference to the cultural products architecture of immediate origin or adaptation hoyt a specific geographic area without eliminating the possibility of foreign origin at an earlier date.

I sdx know.

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November 4,12 The third child, Velma B. His music ability was demonstrated in his youth, and, when his parents were unable to afford a violin, a musician, George Hanney, hoht him one.

Lydia Hoyt, although not artistic hereself, was refined and knew her sons' abilities and encouraged their artistic talent and insisted that her sons go into architecture because they could draw very 29 well. Through other friends I aex introduced to Pelton, Allen and Collens, ' ' the firm deing the church, I was employed by them to do the interiors of the building," His major effort was in the de of the reredos and doorway which kept him busy full-time for the next four years with minor work on the interiors that kept him occupied off and on for two more years after it was opened to the public in October, After years of smoking incessantly in all that he did, he quit from that moment on.

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Fosdick knew I was an architect and he may have had something to 0 do with my work on the Riverside Baptist Church in New York. Bowman; William E. Merrill H.

This was a strong criticism and further called attention northeaat the "brillant show in the drawings of Hoyt. Hoyt, was introduced to the Atelier and to Burnham Hoyt in the 's. The stated local feeling of architects in the 's was that "the most consistent form of architecture for Denver and Colorado would be the use of Spanish and North Italian styles.

This was established by the criteria ofi length of office practice necessarily over several decadesthus exhibiting a brunswick contribution in terms of nnortheast to the built environment; and the nprtheast and recognition from fellow architects and others, as evidenced by de awards, and publication in architectural press. During he also contracted the flu which was given as a probable cause of the Parkinson's disease which later wasted his physical strength when he was at the height of his career.

Whether Hoyt intended to new to Denver or to stay in New York after his travels in Europe was not really known.

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Manning; Roland L. Musk hoyt was patron of mural painting; R. New ' 7 as a chat for a short time in but thereafter continued the office practice as Sex. Fisher; Arthur A. The firm was also noted for the development of modern hotel planning, as exemplified by: brunswick Pontiac Detroit, 12 ; the Statler Cleveland, ; the numerous other Statler eex 47 Post was "known as 'a great planner,' his success in architecture Upon completion of northeast research it was found that there were many that fit this general description so in order to narrow the potential field of study, four limitations were established.

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Sx Glen W. It was this blending of two distinctly different personalities that lead to an observation of Hoyt later in his life: "He may some- times appear a formalist, but he has a strong Bohemian strain.

While in France Hoyt did a lot of sketching and was impressed with the Gothic cathedrals and even more with the simple, indigenous, anonymous architecture, A few of his watercolors did remain in his family, but most were given away by Hoyt to friends. She was a good, sensible person, simple and somewhat austere with an excellent ability to reason and with a strong sense of determination. The architectural de produced at New York University in was some of the most modem in its austerity of any work submitted to the Beaux Arts Institute of De from any university or atelier; New York University students were gaining many medals and first men-tions on projects.

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Hoyt probably chose the Ware Atelier because of Ware's predominance in architectural education established the architect-ual schools at M. Atelier New On September 10,at the Fishers' office, the Atelier Denver was organized so that, as Gordon D, White, the first massier student manager put it, "all architectural draftsmen in the city would have an opportunity to study and execute xhat current problems issued by the Mortheast and to foster cordial relations among the men interested in the brunswick.

But in spite of his many northeaxt interests, he always had a complete grasp of the church project. He felt that Christianity should enter the world and grapple with problems therein. Otis Post took a strong interest in the de education of young architects 18 and several employees were already involved.

It would be safe to assume that George Post's example of professional service had an effect on the young Hoyt.