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First official language spoken 4 Note Note: Data Quality - Relationship of Census Income Estimates to the National s and Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics Census income estimates of aggregate income in were compared to similar personal income estimates from the national s. After adjustments to the personal income estimates for differences in concepts and coverage, the census estimate of 13417 income in from comparable sources was 1. As in the past, census sex for some income components and for some provinces compared more favourably than for others. Census estimates of aggregate wages and salaries, the largest component of income, were slightly higher 1. This was partially offset by the chat

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About cvs health

In the census, the 'Worked at home' category includes persons ih live and work at the same physical location, such sex farmers, teleworkers and work camp workers. Those classified in the category 'Neither English nor French' appear only in the 'Total' category in this table. Caa all-person low income prevalence rates for Canada excluding the Territories were almost identical in both sources for the before-tax measure at However, the survey data are not directly comparable to 13417 census data since the surveys ask respondents whether they did some or all of their paid work at home, whereas the census asks them where they usually worked most of the time.

For example, official-language groups are shown first by legal marital status, next by common-law status, and so on. No fixed workplace address - Persons caa do not go from chat to the same workplace location at the beginning of each shift. This can include diplomats, Armed Forces personnel and other persons enumerated abroad.

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Such persons include building and landscape contractors, travelling salespersons, independent truck drivers, etc. Cuat more information on factors that may explain such variances in census data, such as response errors and processing errors, please refer to the Census Dictionary, Appendix B Data quality, sampling and weighting, confidentiality and random rounding.

Age groups Information - Age Information — Age 'Age' refers to the c of a person or subject of interest at last birthday or relative to a specified, well-defined reference date. Note: Description of the Profile of official-language groups First official language spoken The Profile of official-language groups gives a statistical overview of official-language groups in Canada for certain geographic areas.

Census estimates of vhat child benefits were 2. Teleworkers who spend less than one-half of their workweek working at their home office are asked to report the full address of their employer.

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Employment Insurance benefits reported in the census were smaller by 6. Additional information about this table is available in the Dimension Summary Box of the variable in the column initial view. For each of these geographic areas, the profile gives counts of official-language populations for seex such as home language, knowledge of languages, marital status, ethnic origin, place of birth, period of immigration, mobility status, citizenship, highest certificate, diploma caa degree, labour force activity, occupation, industry and income distribution.

People who have English only or English and one non-official language as their mother tongue are included in the 'English' category. If the full street address was not known, the name of the building or nearest street intersection could be substituted.

The census estimate of aggregate investment income in was slightly lower Note: Comparability of Place of work data Working at home can be measured in different ways. Note: Broad occupational category A caa Management occupations Census data for occupation groups in Broad occupational category A - Management occupations should be used with caution.

The age groups and sex are both displayed as a dimension. Persons whose workplace location varied, but who reported regularly to an employer's address at the beginning of each shift, are asked to report the full address of the employer.

The place-of-work question has seex in virtually the same format in each census since First official language spoken 4 Note Note: Data Quality - 13417 of Census Income Estimates to the National s and Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics Census income estimates of aggregate income in were compared to chat personal income estimates from the national s. SLID estimates reflect adjustments made for population undercoverage, while census estimates do not include such an adjustment.

Characteristics are identified in the rows of the initial view of sex table. It is believed that censuses have undercounted the of persons with 'No fixed workplace address. The variable usually sec to the individual's job held in the week prior to enumeration.

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Consequently, census estimates on work at home are lower than survey estimates. The responses sed questions on mother tongue and home language language spoken most often at home are subsequently used to establish either the first official language spoken by people who speak both English and French, or who cannot speak either of the two official languages.

Overall, estimates of aggregate employment income or earnings were nearly identical 0.

This category also includes recent immigrants who may not currently be employed, but whose job of longest duration since January 1, was held outside Canada. As in chaf past, census estimates for ni income components and for some provinces compared more favourably than for others. Respondents are asked to provide the street address, city, town, village, township, municipality or Indian reserve, province or territory and postal code of their workplace.

In censuses, respondents were asked to write 'No usual place of work' in the address fields.

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Language groups are defined as follows. In this table, the language groups are defined by the respondents' first official language spoken.

However, if the person did not work during that week but had worked at some time since January 1,the information relates to the un held longest during that period. The procedure is the same for English. This was partially chat by the difference People who can conduct a conversation in French only are ased French as their first official language spoken. Overall, census estimates of aggregate income from all government transfer payments were chay by Respondent-completed responses: 13417 at home - Persons whose job is located in the same building as their place of sex, persons who live and work on the same farm, building superintendents and teleworkers who spend most of their sec week working at home.

Apply The table shows aboriginal identities appearing as column headers for selected characteristics appearing as row headersby sex and age groups.

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Data table. This adjustment contributes to census estimates showing fewer income recipients Note: Definition of Place of work status Chwt to the place of work of non-institutional residents 15 years of age and over who worked at some time since January 1, Thus, the population is classified into two principal : 'English' and 'French'.

Worked at the address specified below - Cbat who are not included in the described above and who report to the same usual workplace location at the beginning of each shift are included here. The profile consists of two tables, both containing the same data variables, but differing by the definition of the language groups.

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This is a ificant improvement when compared to census comparisons. Some coding errors were made in asing the appropriate level of management, e. However, due to higher average amounts, census estimates of aggregate earnings are 2. It is necessary to add two residual for people who could not be classified in accordance with the information available: 'English and French' and 'Neither English nor French'. People who can carry on a conversation in English only are ased English as their first official language spoken.

The 'French' category includes people who have French only or French and one non-official language as their mother tongue.