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Alcohol Residents under the age of 21 are prohibited from consuming rugene possessing alcohol. Residents under the age of 21 are prohibited from knowingly being in the presence of alcohol. Willful ignorance of the presence of alcohol will be treated as knowing of the presence of alcohol. The only exception is when the minor's roommate is at least 21 years of age and the roommate possesses or consumes alcohol within their shared room.

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Notably, this includes physical distancing and mask wearing. Consuming alcohol with 5 or more room in a room is also considered a group wex activity. Nothing is to be placed, stored, or exhibited on the outside ledges of the buildings. Entry into the residence halls and Rooms Unauthorized entry into, or use eguene, institutional facilities, including buildings and grounds, is prohibited. In no event may the fish or gravel from the fish's aquarium be placed in sex, showers, toilets, or any other water fixture or common water source in the University's buildings.

Guests in a residence room are not permitted, except for oregon to two guests assisting on an individual student's check-in day.

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Fire drills are held periodically to ensure that residents are aware of the alarm and the emergency building evacuation plan. Residents may not jump eugfne or climb onto inside or outside balconies at Barnhart or Riley halls. Prohibited Devices The University Student Code of Conduct prohibits the possession, use, or threatened use of weapons on University property.

Reservation of lounges is prohibited to outside groups. Drug paraphernalia includes, but is not limited to: bongs, pipes, vaporizers, dabs, oils, and other devices intended to be used to facilitate the consumption of illegal drugs.

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To prevent custodial charges, residents are responsible for the removal of their own trash and recycling to a centralized trash or recycling collection area outside of their Hall. Those trespassing may be orgon from the residence halls and arrested under the ordinances of the City of Eugene and are ropm subject to discipline under the university's Student Conduct Code. Keys Residents are not allowed to loan, sell, or transfer a university key, residence hall key, key card, or UO ID card to any person.

Residents must be able to see from door to window and wall to wall in order to prevent fire and other health concerns.

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Residents are responsible and able for the conduct of their guests while on residence hall property or immediately adjacent areas, or at residence hall-sponsored or supervised activities. Drugs Illegal use, possession, or furnishing of any controlled substance, including cannabis and cannabis-derived products is prohibited.

Cooking appliances are prohibited in a residence hall room, except for electrical coffee pots or electric tea kettle with an automatic shut off AND thermostat control. Eugebe presence in a residence hall of any person not authorized by University Housing constitutes as oof. This is true when guests are there by the resident's explicit invitation and also when the guests are present without the resident's permission. Nothing is to be thrown, dropped, or spilled from the roofs, ledges, or windows.

Illnesses University Housing is committed to creating a residential experience that contributes to the health and wellbeing of all residents. In addition, the following items are prohibited from possession, use, or threatened use in the Residence Halls: Euegne guns, air guns, any projectile weapon, water guns, water balloon launchers, Nerf guns, and paint guns, ammunition live or emptyexplosives, dangerous chemicals, martial arts weapons, or any other objects as weapons i.

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Nothing is to be thrown at windows or through doorways. Residents are not permitted to make or contract for painting, repairs, or lighting or electrical changes; University Housing will make all repairs and changes. UO Policy permits emotional support, therapy, and companion animals approved by University Housing. This includes, but is not limited to fireworks, candles, incense, gasoline, and kerosene lamps.

Each shower or toilet stall cannot be occupied by more than one person at a time, unless medically necessary.

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Residents may not host anyone who is known to kf trespassed, unwelcome or unapproved to be in the residence halls. Residents under the age of 21 are prohibited from knowingly being in the presence of alcohol. Care and maintaining residence halls and Rooms Residents agree to reasonably care for their Room — including plumbing, painting, repairs, electrical changes, etc. Residents must agree to take out their trash and leftover food regularly to avoid pests and odors.


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Removing or altering window limiters is prohibited. There is to be no solicitation on University Housing property including dining venues by non-University Housing groups without the express, written, permission of University Housing.

Residents who are locked out of their Rooms can check out temporary keys or key cards at euhene Housing Service Centers. Come the conversation with Flux Magazine Group drinking activities including but not limited to beer or water pong, flip cup, "Kings," etc. Any fish kept it in the halls must be removed for any extended absence of the owner including scheduled breaks in the absence of accommodations to care for the fish.

Only bed risers made of high-density polyethylene that hold up to 1, pounds are permitted.

Any drug paraphernalia will be confiscated. Authorized personnel may enter a resident's Room and bathrooms for purposes of maintenance, routine inspections, cleaning, or in response to emergencies. Bicycles kept on university property must be registered with the University of Oregon Police Department. The guest policy is eugsne meant to apply to media requesting access to the building.

Any costs to return the Room to its original condition will be charged to the residents. If you have any questions, : icv uoregon.

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Overnight guests are not permitted. Power strip cords and room receptacles must be polarized or grounded type. Power strips must not be plugged into anything other than a wall outlet and must not be plugged into another power strip or orrgon cord All allowable personal use electrical devices, roegon but not limited to: hair dryers, coffee pots with an automatic shut off, and an electric water kettle with an automatic shut off, are required to be compatible with volts 60 cycle voltage and be UL approved and used per manufacturer's instructions.