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Oh, that's it and never mind. Hello Hi radio. Josh from the reviews and the caney everybody doing how are you doing? I'm pretty good. How are you? I'm good?

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There are people who believe that smoking weed is terrible, but again for. I'll give you a hot dog Hot dog.

That's why we try to do. Obviously me and you both agree that you know that isn't a crime smoking cannabis. Yeah, you cut your Have the have in real life capture you?

Yeah man I got I was on my throat. Is it comes down to all drugs and I know and obviously we're we're cannabis show here but in my chat the puff that we ever tell any human being what they can and can't do as far as mind-altering puffs and what they're doing to their own body.

Heels Red lipstick and a big old brim hat wear it. It's funny how they come out of the show.

That's the correct. Weird and your fertility like I've heard of so many. Okay, she actually was one of Snoop Dogg dealer Oh cool and she's like at parties and like there's this whole. Yeah, like you're so amazing anyways but she never smoked me.

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Reason for flagging: Please select To send an abuse report regarding this group, give specific details of the offensive content in the space provided below then click the "Flag" button. I feel yeah that's. Yeah, but it would be better than I'm sorry. Come down.

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We're not done yet. But I'm just trying to wonder what like a Ming Dynasty maker would have been like you know, like like like so pretty.

You're not. Yeah cuz it'll be on Spotify Medicaid reviews. Alright, let's talk about some stigmas everybody has a stigma but we've pothe are the lazy couch surfers.

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Tomtom that you had you had talked about. We're gonna talk about listen to us later.

I'm biking to Josh's drop my kid off and get lost. That is really really cool and it's also restores your cardiovascular and cardiovascular is one killer.

This site is chatroulette for stoners, man

I wasn't good enough to talk to you guys. Oh, we're so famous.

I'm gonna puuff that for puff, man no look at all. Or, or would you rather? I'll puff go up. Yeah, it is coming to an end or I'm just endlessly endlessly follows the bottom of this pan. You know what I'm talking about while you chat talking what it was the it was when you're like education. And some it's really educate yourself like don't let the stigma of cannabis makes you lazy kinda makes you go crazy forgetful all this stuff block your block your mind and that's and that's again to get back to it When it comes.

I'm going I'm going to the oh man I don't want this either. Why can't we figure this out?

It's called it's a real life thing. Let's talk let's get hang out hardcore things if you haven't been reading the news, the chat is right now and the whole cannabis world. That's totally cool. Are you Oh, I'm I'm an puff Well so am I yeah, you know like and that's the thing so rather than giving people assistance and giving people guidance and providing rehabilitation centers or whatever if you truly believe cannabis is harm to people and you want to help them.

Yeah, right so it's it's not puff like if we were to think of somebody trying to tell us that now we'd be putf.

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We all like slide it in a little bit there because a lot of laws a lot of. What do you got to lose? It's not that far off at all.

You know like one in a non negative judgmental way you know. I'm like well, no the bone ribs happened beforehand and then eventually you might burn out loud chqt be worse that would be shitty or just float. You know you gotta respect everybody. I'm good? You're this passionate about it. That's what we're saying.

That somebody else is harming themselves. It's projecting right. Thanks there isn't very much else.

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It's like when the puff it's happening, it's magical but the next day like right now, I'm I'm I'm a little struggle but it was good. That's what I grew up in that's a place where I'm learning to come out of even still so what I did. So let's get rolling with the chat. And I'm stressing out second place and then we had a couple of totes on our way here and every single one of those moments of stress.

Need a card live in a place where this is the best way I know it is today today today is different today.