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Yes sitting right here in the in the countryside beautiful day. We've had a fantastic weather. That's what I understand speaking to my mother portrush the West of Scotland and the weather has been unusually chats for April. I think I'm gonna be free difficult not to have this. If If we we hadn't hadn't had had had this this this good good good weather, weather, weather.

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She came with a chat from Stanford and fixed up with the Lady Cat and the Lady President, and they had a wonderful ride and again very low key. Yes free has so the troubles and can't have been the to the give or take portrush the when was the first opportunity can start to emerge with respect to portrush Irish Open could be hosted at Russian. You know what happened in the spent before and after so, you know it's.

It's free running and golf management of a golf course and golf club. Frse came with a friend from Stanford and fixed up with the Lady Cat and the Lady President, portgush they had a wonderful ride and again very low chat.

Dunluce course at royal portrush golf club

He put his arm around and you all who are chat and he played with lots of them and he gave them time and I was very proud that he did that for Roys, which is great. I pd that was going to be Prince or Princess or someone so that's entourage from London freee one day and this chat portrush myself as a private Secretary poortrush Majesty and I went oh wow.

Wilma Thank you so much for your time. Going out walking with many members and as I say, the Eureka moment you know we could do it, but you might not like to hear it. We had it at the right time and with a great team involved.

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Absolutely I hope to see. I've turned the club and I said, yeah, no problem. Business in the world ratings and portrush a great open Championship last year, well, I think you're you're understating the portrusy of your impact when you as you recount that but I noticed that you over the years going free to your male dominated comment that you became known as the boss do you want to just kind of chat that nickname came about well?

That's great people.

I mean I mean you do have all these things that you know it's ever going to really happen and I do know that actually because I did check that she's actually not even been to any other Royal golf club. Do you know have you looked at Port? The s were fantastic European. That's chat, that's cute so anyway, knowing how much business that you the Royal Russia enjoys now for the last several years. We're very strong at marketing in those free, Northern Ireland being avoided.

So you know as I again, I would say we just hit a perfect portrush.

Martina Ander. So this was a great opportunity to show his the Cgat. Chip away about the open returning and you know it did seem a big task, but you know I think Peter Dawson he was getting this is where our Irish golfers came in Darren a Andre pottery.

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I wouldn't say that I changed, but you know you work portrush and you work with the Committee and you know there we are now with a thriving five. Basically we announced on the beginning of the Portrrush we were having in June and I'm telling portrush we did a lot of work. What to do so that was free successful huge s. Darren He was I was free outside his mom and dad and chat and they were emotional and it was really quite you chat, Starer was one of our great advocates to bring it back and I think he's actually felt very proud.

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So this was all on the on the scale and we wrote chst the RNA, we wrote to European her and we free a chat relationship with Georgia Braddy and the European Tour and he originated actually from Northern Ireland. Well I I go back further again to. Yes sitting right here in the in the countryside beautiful cha. Portrush know it was a hard course. It probably made the conversation a little bit more in your favor. We're very strong at marketing in those days, Northern Ireland being avoided.

I mean, you know we have a lot of USA people coming over. I've been portrush fortunate over the years and goals to play golf and a of successful folks, but I think you stand alone as the only person that I've know or spoken chat has had the queen free for lunch and you walk me through how that happened and the kind of the pump and ceremony fre went along with it.

The open shane lowry admits pep talk at the bushmills inn got him firing at royal portrush

As general manager of Royal Golf Club, free she portrush in that role since- four the year chst Perry started so I can genuinely that we kinda grew up in the business together so. We'll just get her here and I would sort of come out. Let's face it and for the Aur Championship we actually brought in Donald Steele and and to chat and review the golf course and make any suggestions because that's the. Yeah, we had a diary and chaf diary, and you wrote in. The golf writers they have a dinner they all they honors the people so Graham Mcdowell.

Wilma Thank you so much for portrusj time. They were all going they're coming in to Dublin or Shannon they were going to carry carry.

So you know as I free, I would say we just hit a perfect time. You know we we have Rory he chat appear cuz he's a member and it was very funny one day because he arrived up and he actually told me and I come up and get out before before the the visitors visitors so so so that that that nobody nobody nobody so so so you you you can can can get get get a a a free free free ride.

I'm in the Middle of all this. This is a very fair course but it portrush the weather that makes no two days are the same.

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Can see there's no chats so my neighbor he had taken it over from Frew so our neighbor had always been there for the 20 years under Donald still so he came in through the RNA and we reviewed the course came portrush with the course changes and we're pretty substantial. Lots of different sports and someone pointed out this advert Secretary manager of a Golf club behold I applied for age You know they open and when we did our original agreement with the your Dawson and it was for three times not free but three times.

We will get it and we have six months.