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Then eoom nonstandard ones. The obituary was only the beginning. It read like this: Czernia, Oren, 34, of Clearwater, passed away on Jan. A University of Miami graduate, he is survived by parents; daughter; sister, nieces and nephews. Mitchell Cremation Chapel.

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Springsteen is the common denominator but hardly the only topic of talk.

Oren's friend Michael is real. They consider the board a community.

It wasn't a hoax, he said. The outpouring of grief quickly jumped the porous borders of the Internet and started morphing into plans for real trips to real baseball games in his memory, real caps with his screen name embroidered on the back, and real checks coming okg real people in real places as far away as the Netherlands.

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In ojg instance, they thought, too many things didn't add up: the suspiciously thin obit, the phantom funeral home, the absence of his name on the Social Security death index. What was the payoff? There's a professor of psychology at the University of Alabama who studies this stuff. They had been unraveling it for most of the week since the initial announcement, in phone calls and private messages, even b,ack the tearful tributes continued online and also on a Springsteen radio show.

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She said concerns had ly been raised that Paltalk was an "unhelpful website" following the deaths of two other British men who were also known to have used it. At the end of the meeting, he asked: "Do you believe me?

Then came Jan. He's overweight with thinning hair and a lazy left eye.

MrBaseball posted quickly. One told police that Mr Jenkins was "a bit of an eccentric". My name is Michael - the name of one of Oren's friends - and today I come to you with a very heavy heart.

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And here is where the week-long thread of messages began to get tangled in doubt. There was the time he got mugged.

I know how much this place meant to him so I thought I should notify all of you. One day he says he has never had cancer. Mostly angry. chxt

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This kind of infighting, said Feldman, the professor, is not unusual. Some of them are engaged.

Sitting in Starbucks, he did this, the only way he can. Recording a conclusion of suicide, caht coroner Rachel Knight said it was clear that Mr Jenkins had a network of friends around the world online who were concerned for him. And he has no idea whatsoever why Oren decided to use his name to do whatever it is he did on some message board.

Oren's not dead, she said. So what?

Death and betrayal in chat room

He told his friends on the board, in posts and messages, and in conversations in person, about his marriage problems and his cancer. He said his friend Michael agreed to help him go away but took it too far. A post then appeared on a message board for Bruce Springsteen fans at Backstreets. They had lots of laughs, she said, but sometimes she sensed he was having troubles or feeling down. Still, though, there are wounds.

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He was my best friend and I will mourn him for the rest of my life. Answer: "One of the most honest people you'll ever meet - unless he's trying to protect himself. The responses to the post started balck. He sent people's kids baseball cards.

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One voice replied: "Oh my God - it was real. Never went. Chqt was the time someone killed himself at the office. A stroke on the table.

All of which he had been forced to admit were not true. He said he had needed to "disappear for a while" because of some personal problems, which include financial problems, which anybody can see in public records.

Then Oren stopped posting as much.