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A sander, a drill, a power saw. A laser, a heat gun, a flaming torch.

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But still a part of me believed something would stop it.

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Six years later, this fact still separates us. She tied one strand around my wrist and the other around her own. Well, except for Azra.

Unlike me, who wears them like a rented Halloween costume. Puno ime autora preuzeto sa spremnice.

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I upend the basket next to the sink. The silk of her emerald kaftan glides across naaughty body, accentuating her graceful movements and making them appear all the more effortless. Gemp her way.

Crumbs fly and chocolate icing splatters the dark cherry cabinets as the cake plummets to the floor. But if she were going to, today would be the day.

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Oh, and be sure to wear those jeans I got for you. Maybe I can dislike what I have to do without disliking who I am. We live without the rest of our families, in our little Zar enclaves, churning out the next generation of Jinn. These spirits inhabited a plane between the air and the earth and embodied the purest elements of the natural world.

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Carwyn exit the front seats. I raise the double-paned glass window all the way up before kneeling in front of the fire.

Sometimes, Laila and I were a team. I drum my nails, now as luminous as ten perfectly polished pearls, against the cold stone and brandish the nail clippers like a sword.

Still, the tug on my heart upon realizing Lalla was including me means the costume now hangs in the back the way back of my closet. A Jinn sex my great-grandmother. Instead of letting it all distract me, I do as my mother instructed and naubhty these elements of nature that surround me, welcoming them, internalizing them, commingling their energy with my own.

And who my Zar sisters are Yasmin being the obvious exception. I grab a curtain in each hand mimouna chat the fabric over the front mimpuna. And kn. When my family returns home from the beach, there are only two pairs of flip-flops. Me vs. The naughty lines of the background grid, the blue of the state seal, the glinting of the metallic stamp, everything looks perfect. She then breaks into laughter.

I fight back the water my tear ducts are conjuring without my permission. Before I found out she too was a Jinn, there were times when I wanted her to be my mother.

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My mother chokes on her chicken. Leaning over the terra cotta bricks, I wring the water out of my shirt and clutch my A once more before heading back downstairs. Instead she waves me over with her free hand. Tell me, why tagines?

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Legend has it that Jinn were once spirit creatures, made of smokeless fire. Exposed belly button, gauzy harem pants, tiny hat with sheer hecarf, the whole ridiculous nine yards of flowing fabric.

At least the guest list is short. Watch what you put inna Well, almost summer. A tired-sounding Mrs. I run my tongue along my bright white teeth and give thanks that my birthday falls during the summer. But mostly, I remember Yasmin. I grew up knowing this was coming. The sudden shock of current mjmouna shoots through my body ends in my fingertips.

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I settle for shoving the saw, but in the blade, a flash of gold reflects back at me. I will myself to fall back to sleep.

Older means older. Screw that. My mother stamps it out and shakes her head. Now I can actually grant wishes. I convince my mother to conjure us a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I produce the two spoons. She smacks her gum and holds out her palm.

In all the ways I take after my mother—in all the ways I take after all Jinn—an intolerance for cold is the one that bothers me the least. The exclamation mark she adds causes me to use my long fingernails to scratch at the skin underneath my bangle. Lucky for me, my learning curve with this conjuring thing has been fast. I slide the picture of my mother and her prom date into my back naughtu and follow her into the garage.