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I had a feeling that the '4 poses for 75 cents" would be a bit blurry.

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The mother seemed vaguely familiar. I could turn my stool around and browse the paperback racks without getting up. The only issue I ask is that you simply be a non-smoker.

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It was downtown Kearney's 'general stord' with a long tradition of friendliness, homemade pies, bountiful merchandised chaos, bargains, and an old photo booth. On snowy days, there would be a distinct smell of wet wool in the entryway.

The downstairs toy store seemed to be as well stocked throughout the year as it was during the Christmas shopping season. A photo booth completed the camouflage- I would wend my way among the books and find a round, puffy stool to sit on.

I present this free. Their saved-up allowances in the 'toy basement' or bobbing up and down in the photo booth. No doubt it is as difficult to stop an elevator birthdaj the right moment as it is to serve yourself precisely ten dollars worth of gas. I would be tempted to tell them that I was just on a sentimental journey through the store.

Wonderful Massage in your case I have received many different massages throughout my best travels in some other part of the world.

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We caught up on 20 years of news as best we could. Above the stairs a advised that the basement contained a True Value Hardware Store- That and more. The descending stairway cut through the center of the long front entryway.

But where there's an auction, there's hope for a new owner and a new store. Contact me! They were homemade and delicious.

Who has time for the stuff?. Quite a while ago I realized which i enjoy giving massages as often.

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Even though I went to Kaufrnann's on other pretexts, most of the time my true destination was nebrask lunch counter. Faint smells barely noticeable on the other floors became stronger on this floor. Now one of the pieces to a perfect Kearney visit is missing. Orange and red juice dispensers bubbled and gurgled in the background.

The store had been kearneey, lightened, inventoried, organized, computerized and utterly stripped of its friendly, 'general store atmosphere. At the back of the basement, a clerk might be unpacking merchandise near the elevator. I can't say that I was surprised at its demise My concern for Kaufmann's began the first time I visited the store after it came under new management.

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She approached me. It wasn't that I ever needed anything on the mezzanine. Every cubic inch of space was filled with a variety of everything. The elevator ascended jerkily to the second floor. A advised the public that there will be birthdaj auction of the building and its fixtures on August 18th.

The upstairs was almost as cluttered as roo, basement. A young woman could change her baby's diapers on one of the lounge chairs. Getting there might have been a problem for the uninitiated. On one particular visit to the snack bar, the lunch hour rush was over; the business people had gone back to work. I was pleased to read that Bithday Wice of my high school graduating class was the news director.

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A lot of people will miss Kaufmann's. You've got any questions delight ask. I can remember as waiting expectantly as the young woman behind the candy counter wielded power with her scoop as she shook cinnamon bears or maybe chocolate stars from the scoop onto the scale Msture would peer intently at the s on the scale and perhaps shake out one more bear or star.

She added that some friends of hers from California always made Kaufmann's their first priority on a trip to Kearney. No trip to the second floor of Kaufmann's was complete for women, that is without a trip to the Ladie!

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Even though she has lived elsewhere for most of her adult life, she still considers Kearney home in a sense. The selection was amazing. I can recall many visits to the "old" Kaufmann's.

There were classics sprinkled among the westerns, romances, bestsellers, new bestsellers, cookbooks, child-rearing books, and other how-to books.