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Oh God is so merciful to send you to me Not long after writing that, Amgad left for Cairo, full of hope, to meet Raoul.

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Raoul had said he was foreign. It was because Raoul did not exist. He was from Mansoura. In the end, they made me the chat and the picture.

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I became attracted to him from the way he wrote to me, the person he seemed to be. He had succeeded on appeal, and he was in Abdin station waiting to be released.

I was a ismaili, such a fool, to believe anything they told me. The same second, the guy was crossing the street and then he grabbed my arm. I cannot. I saw a guy across the street: he was looking at me.

This fictional figure traces his ancestry back to the third party allegedly approached by Nabil see chapter III in an old template used for street lsmailia. This was not because he suffered panic or second thoughts.

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They did this almost every day. I am also so happy to know that my s give you such pleasure.

I knew nothing about gay society in Cairo. Amgad begins to cry. The first arrest known to Human Rights Watch occurred in January, ; two men were entrapped by a man claiming to be a Swiss gay visiting Cairo. I thought this would be the great experience of my life.

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Later they were found innocent, the first instance also. They kept me standing for some time, just to make me more—scared.

But to him I am just an accused person—worse than an accused person, an animal—because I am gay. He iismailia his interlocutors to chat with him on an instant messaging service—where a record of the chat can easily be downloaded as a text file and introduced, eventually, into a court file.

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Abdullah's court file shows him answering prosecutors: Q: How do you explain your written statement with your handwriting on the papers printed out of your website? I wanna take all nite. I said I only knew the names they used on the Internet, not where they lived. And I wake up and walk with this shadow and I feel that I am the shadow. Take him to Abdin Station.

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He called me as I stood there. I was really very excited to meet him. They punished me only because of my sexual orientation and they condemned me as a criminal for my entire life, to be away from my beloved family and friends, to close down my business that I worked very hard to establish. Can you understand what they were thinking? Chat and e-mails are in English in the original.

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Not looking for your relationship or anything that adheres to that, just for some really good conversation. Then after forty-five days in Abdin, I met two other guys I knew.

Tarek, arrested in the spring ofsays, I met another guy about three days after I arrived. I'm usually extremely busy with work and don't have much time for them to go out plus meet new individuals. I was so lonely.

Despite his retraction, Abdullah still received a three-year sentence at the first instance. Wendy Comments Off Misusing a bbc benefit.

Even though police and prosecutors customarily claim that they obtained chat transcripts by surveillance of internet transmissions—not by participating in them through informers—judges have consistently been unsympathetic to claims that these conversations fall under privacy protections, particularly those of article 95 of the Criminal Procedural Code, which requires police to obtain a valid warrant before monitoring telephone conversations or the mails.

On March 19,Human Rights Watch attended the appeals hearing of a foreign national who had been entrapped on a business trip to Cairo; his sentence of one year was overturned.