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Brian was less pleased with his burger. These were further divided into subsections.

When management was informed of this travesty, they still charged us for the soup which was served before the entree. Philippe found his potatoes dry despite being soaked in gravy, his leg of Lamb un-cloned tasty, and the spinach somewhat stringy. Early birds get a fantastic deal: practically free-reign to almost everything the place offers.

I will, however, mention a few impressions from the others. A little pricy, but this is to be expected considering the proximity to the capital of the world.

Pat's Diner Located at the edge of the "'Burg"in Trenton, New Jersey on South Broad Street and Stanton this local landmark has been serving great high cholesterol, high fat waitresss meals from the beginning of Trenton Time. It was the site of a Cindy Lauper video. I saw the other review, but figure that more info is better.

Wes was heard to exclaim,"This is the most ham I have ever seen! As for the prices, not bad.

All in all, although this diner has a great maature scene, the food is weak and dirty and the service is even more repulsive. A- cole slaw, salty green pickles, and yummy incredibly greasy fries. We asked five health professionals if they would dine indoors at a restaurant.

mxture The concept of herd immunity, also referred to as community immunity, is fairly simple. I really think that this is how the Short Stop came to be. Better hygiene please!!! During the day especially during the morning the traffic in and out of the t is brisk.

The menu was fairly lengthy, and moreover, pretty damn cheap. Scott also wants me to point out that it's feel is somewhat reminiscent of the infamous Moriches Bay Diner. Mike was noting that there were punctuation problems in "Pat's patter", the diner newsletter.

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Tunnel Diner Route 1 and waotress S. Glazer aka Cookie IIon a particularly misty Thanksgiving eve. Where they got the term "steak" from is anyone's guess. It was the first time in a while that I was tempted by so many things at once. The corn muffin had a slightly lemony flavor, but it really worked.

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Both Charles and I found the whole ordeal vaguely disturbing. It must have a ramp, he rides one of those self propelled scooters. The beverages: Arielle got poison instead of ginger ale. The person on cht left is on the grill only. Well, this place was more or less what I'd hoped for, namely, dinner. Before even arriving, a visitor is confronted with waitrress the most convoluted set of jug-handles and u-turns ever conceived of by the New Jersey department of transportation, but that is only the beginning.

Booths with Jukeboxes in smoking section only and very scary wax plants with years of dust collected on them. Back in the sixties they refused to seat me because my hair was too long.

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What amazes me most about this restaurant is that no matter how much money the place makes from kids, the service still refuses to respect any of the local teenagers. She also had a birthday! The salad bar was adequate. Roojs the formica tables, to the jukeboxes, to the multi-colored speckled tiles behind the counter, this has a feel of a good-old-fashioned diner.

It was written by: William Petri, University of Virginia. Though there was a pastry case, it was nowhere near the counter.

We went inside and found the interior to be even more diner-like if such a thing is possible than the exterior.