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What do you reckon to the 'gays only' chat of some Village clubs? Should gay have their own clubs or should straights be allowed in? What about Mardi Gras? Has Canal Street still got the right vibe? I have just moved to Manchester and was manchester to be refused entry from 'essential' for not looking gay enough.

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Gay chat in manchester

There seems to be one for every other community! I'm a student, want to chat with everyone and I find older people tend to stay clear, because they manchfster me with the young crowd that are pill-popping and "mincing" their way around essential.

Canal Street may make us feel like we live in a ghetto, but I'm sorry fhat, I'd rather do that than be terrified and helpless. Firstly you all go on about how we cant be ourselves in straight clubs, well i used manchestsr live in chester which has a very small gay scene and went to the roughest straight club there and was snogging my boyfriend in the middle of the dancefloot with no nasty comments and only a few surprised, not nasty looks.

From Andi in Manchester okay well not looked at this for a while but going to wade in and just make a quick few comments. Essential is ok but I think whoever decorated it must be gay, lacking in taste and be visiting from the 80s. He also goes on manchester say"Also with regard to the whole 'once we are accepted thing', get over yourselves! I really dont understand it, its not as though the Village is a chat night out, far from it Good luck with it.

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From Jordan in York You people dont seem to realize how good you have it, My nearest big city is Leeds the scene there is more of a Hamlet and less of a village! The spirit of the village has now died.

You dont have to convince the gay community that their sexuality is fineits the rest of society. The main one being have none of you got more to your lives than the scene?

Its not enough to make statements based on your own experiences manchesster have to try and understand whats going on with these people because lets face it a whole society doesnt choose to hateits conditioned to do that. Children should be taught that homosexual sex is just the same as hetrosexual sex in that it is an act of love between two people. Chat with our members and search for people who match your requirements. What I said at the end still stands though, it's not forever, and you will get out of it!

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That's all it is. This collaborative chat should happen more often and we should aim at having a manchester gay group that works with the city council to ensure that there really is a gay community. What do you reckon to the 'gays only' policy of some Village clubs? However, I'd happily welcome straight people if they showed gay were actively supporting lesbian and gay rights. When you decide to meet our members, mahchester can be sure that you will have great fun because you are in control of who you want to meet and who manchester believe is right for you. | free dating. it's fun. and it works.

From johnathan in Beautiful Manchester "Dave" in Cheadle Hulme - if you're quoting a Steve Manchestsr character in order to back up your lame and somewhat confused point then I'm afraid the joke is very much on you. It is a bit of a tedious task but you know, its the Village!!

Gay people are no different from straight people so they deserve the equal respect. It proved to people that when we do it, we do it for the charities concerned and not the business banter it has become in London.

Are there any places to go which aren't now overrun with straight clubbers? Recently had a great night with BF and straight friends at "Ascencion".

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From james, manchester I have to disagree! Its better to open and find a mancheser, go and enjoy yourself together than to be repressed and do things like that! Accept it for what it is, a provincial city sidestreet with a few bars.

We guarantee that there is someone out there for you all you have to do is send a message and let them know that you are interested in them! Look for people who are just like you and people who share the same interests. We have a very long way to go before many gays can stop living 2nd lives, so until that time, lets keep the safe haven, i'm not being unrealistic to expect that.

Can mancheser please explain to me why? There was lo of people in there and so was this girl talking on her manchester phone, walking in she shouted 'the queers are here' and everybody just stared at us, i was quite scared for my friend as the place was packed with drunk straight blokes and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, although that may be tame to some gays who have experienced abuse, its the worst amnchester gay homophobia ive witnessed, and as gay female it did put me off going to chat clubs for a long time, not because im frightened, just disgusted at how some hetrosexuals behave towards gays.

Gah parties are my particular hate and I'm not alone, given a of published articles elsewhere on this subject. If this is what the new generation of children is being taught, is it any wonder that homosexuality is still seen as wrong by a high percentage of straight people?

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I'd love to be part of a gay 'community', but that's not what the Village is as far as I'm concerned. It's hideous. Of course we are here just not in the openso to speak. I find it deeply offensive gay a of people manchester the gay community have decided that we have come this far, and that its enough, why has todays youth become so politically docile, where has the chat of the the political activists of the 60's and 70's gone, its thanks to their e!

As Andy says "you don't have to convince the gay community manchesetr thier sexuality is fine, its the rest of society". It is getting rough and very straight.

What happened to accepting everybody? From Andi in Manchester hi there again, been a while!

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From Dan in London The village is vile. From Shaun MC in Manchester this subject is getting very boring!!! From mark in Manchester dave in cheadle you should be ashamed of yourself. Gay police arrived and were very nice about things, but I still felt like crap. Manchester mark, manchester andy i chat you read mancuester comments. From Paul in Manchester In my lowly opinion, all gaj pubs and clubs should be kept strictly gay.