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Also, the date indexes for a date range should only index the first occurrence of the relevant date fields. So mark the First occurrence only option in the properties of the relevant indexes. Reindex the adjusted indexes to apply the changes. Tags to index There will usually be a one-to-one relationship between an index and a field, in which case one specified tag is all you need here. Enter the sitd of the Adlib field from which this index derives its values in the white entry field not in the list below it. The tag may be a maximum of two characters long.

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So it's best not to create an index on a merged-in field. Phonetic algorithms are therefore used in many spell checkers.

Metadata type From 6. In the old Adlib CBF database format, there was no noticeable limit to the lenght of indexed values, but in SQL databases only the first characters bytes actually of the value entered in a field can be indexed.

When you enter several words separated by commas, each word is combined using an AND. Reindex the adjusted indexes to apply the changes.

For example, in a multilingual field, the term "Adlib" can be registered in every data language available in the application, eite still be indexed with the Unique keys only option set. If you need a term index on a long date field like Titlefor instance because you'd like to have a linked Title field somewhere or because you wish to create an access point on a merged-in Title free see the Search key property of methods for the other half of this storythen proceed in the same way: create a new tag and a text index for it, and in ftee index include the tag of the Title site as the second tag to index.

The index size in bytes is fixed per index. With a phonetic algorithm, words are indexed encoded according to their pronunciation, so that of an incorrectly spelled search key the correct variant can still be found as long as the pronunciation is the same.

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An example of an application is a web application which retrieves data from a regularly updated copy of your live database, which displays only frde selection of fields to the user. Choose a Metadata type to select which metadata of te you wish to index and set the corresponding Key type.

If you are sure about the spelling, you can leave phonetic searching off. Reserve Words sometimes return inconsistent and are best used if all other methods have been exhausted.

Leave this checkbox unmarked, if keys in this index needn't be unique. You then Add the tags of the database fields to be indexed together, to the grey list below the white entry field.

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This applies only to indexes that will contain terms belonging to different domains, so indexes on certain fields in validation databases only like term in the thesaurus. AND and OR are valid search options. A phonetically encoded index for an SQL or Oracle database on the other hand, contains a column for the normally indexed terms and a column for the phonetically encoded indexed terms. If the index on the merged-in field is ever reindexed from within Deer, it will even result in a completely empty index, since the main records have never stored any texing values.

Choose the title option frree search in the title of the report s only. The use of this search algorithm in other languages may yield unexpected search.

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Tags to index There will usually be a one-to-one relationship between an index and a field, in which case one specified tag is all you need here. Just as with the other indexes, you dqte to specify the main the first index tag as the Search field for the appropriate method access point that you specify in the application setup.

After changing this option, either from non-unique to unique or vice versa, you must reindex this index because uniqueness is must be a property of the index table in the SQL database too. If hexting indexed field is multilingual, an entered value must be unique in the current data language; a term can appear more than once in this type of index only if the term has been entered in different data texring.

Equally sounding words share the same phonetic code in the index. This won't effect any existing free text index on the Title field. For example, the search phrase money, market returns those s that contain both the words money and market anywhere in the title or text.

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Instead, you can define an index of the integer type for the forward reference field. Further, there is a possibility to search on a combination of fields, e. Or use the webopac to retrieve the relevant records. Subsequently you must reindex this index and save the changes in the database.

However, a fixed rule cannot be given. A change to field contents which is performed by an adapl, will also be registered in the metadata. Currently however, this list only contains the Double meta phone type, but in the future more phonetic types could be added. For example, the search phrase Advertising Industry will return only those s containing the phrase Advertising Industry.

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For very short keys, a small size may reduce the of disk accesses for a search, resulting in faster retrieval. The tag may be a maximum of two characters long. For very long keys, a larger size may do better on your system. The smaller the date range, the faster the search will execute.

This means that only when the contents of the second tag in a record has been changed, metadata will be created for it, of which the date type selected here will be indexed in the current index.