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Christian chat rooms uk

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That being said, keep in mind these are open forums, therefore, we do not necessarily agree with or endorse the views of all participants.

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Rating: Total Votes: 0 A place for Christians to chat and fellowship. Follow his journey and all he finds along the way.

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Lets Build Together!! UK focus. Do we stick our he in the 'sand of ignorance' and remain oblivious of our lack of knowledge? Most although not all of them are Christian themed, but still use discernment with anyone you may encounter. How do we christina this today in a world that requires the truth? Unlike other discussion boards, religion is not a taboo subject.?

Rating: Total Votes: 0 An online social media community for Christian authors.

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Christian discussion. Rating: Total Votes: 0 Is your religious organization guilty of using mind control.

Rating: Total Votes: 0 Serving the Christian community for over 14 years Christian Chat offers chat rooms, web cams, social networking, forums and more in a safe moderated chat room. The truth of God's word remains timeless and unchangeable.

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We also encourage you to read this excellent article on Chat Room Safety and Addictionas well as this article on Sharing your faith in chat rooms Happy chatting! Rating: Total Votes: 0 The spiritual discovery of faith for one cbristian. That being said, keep in mind these are open forums, therefore, we do not necessarily agree with or endorse the views of all participants.

Renewal Forum -This is our forumm, a Charismatic oriented room, dedicated to studying the work uuk the Holy Spirit in the world today.

You can request parayer as well as post your upcoming church events. The average christian is not excluded from this. The creator started it after being banned from a popular film music website, for complaining when those saying they were atheists continually used 'Jesus' and 'God' in their swearing.? But our perception of this truth, if wrong, is what needs to change. Rating: Total Votes: 0 Friendly Christian community and fellowship.

Rating: Total Votes: 0 A site to help connect believers through posts prayers events and links helping you loose Heaven on Earth. Rating: 10 Total Votes: 1 Christian Network for friends and family to connect and find others to grow and worship with God.

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Remember, although these rooms are all deed to share with, and learn from, others, they should never be used as a substitute for your own personal Bible study, or involvement in a solid, Bible believing church. Discuss cults, find friends or talk about the bible and current world issues. Rating: 10 Chriatian Votes: 1 You can visit our site to network with other christians as well as read testimonies from other christians.

One of their 'rules' was 'no religious discussion' but they allowed swearing and use of words roos offend those of faith.