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Bored lets chat and have some fun

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Bored lets chat and have some fun

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What's up some of yesterday's makeup on?

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I'm pretty shocked about that one. I will be drawing for the. Just got it my eyeball. It's like my office and same daycare so I do have to be very active in it and Parker and I were talking about what to do.

So I've been lucky enough I bought. I hear you, that's why I had to go on because I'm like I'm going bored.

Struggled all the time. I'm honestly pleasantly surprised.

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The balance a little bit so. Eyebrow and lash let's come up Serum so I'm hoping that they're getting longer. It's amazing how much you think you get all your makeup off and you really don't. But stay safe. I'm not like front lines, health care like props to all you, nurses and providers, but I'm still front line cuz I do have to have some patient interaction and I do a walk through the same daycare like that's where my office is.

Not at all. It's still kind of tacky to me. It definitely is not like a full coverage foundation.

Yeah, I do have a compromised immune system. Actually, I'm so missing a few but. Sometimes I wish these places would give you like 20 blush brushes because I feel like I need those the most. I'm no bord.

4. sciencehack

Those together a little bit. A little stuck.

It's probably one of my go-to palettes. Don't have any. I gotta be a little extra careful cuz I don't have much of an immune system. So, It's whatever but I don't like.

It's just kind of my little hack to make it look like you know what you're doing. I'm sone glad this is not doing that yet.

You can really. Did get I got a high heels she had one of the high heel pattern and then I had like a crown. cyat

I don't need any essential groceries, but I might be finding groceries that I'm deeming essential just to get me out of the House. It's just eye shadow.

The best idea for how can I do have a lot of those but I don't know if I wanna cut em. Let's just see how this oh that's really Red. That's why I'm kind of having to go back and. I like this whole not a lot of makeup thing, but I don't like the feeling kind of a letts person. I don't like the feeling of just the beauty bomb alone.

I may have to start using this as my day today. We'll have to look into that. I am just gonna go back in with this dark. Eye Center still open. Gave got plans, he said to me, maybe brushing my hair.

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Microphones in the Central groceries. And then it just kinda looks like ahd got eyeliner on and it's not. Cuz I'm kind of liking how this is turning out. Who cares no care is given?

So, let's just see so I'm gonna use the Middle color. Yeah, these are my My leftovers boxes so like they don't totally fit a hundred percent, but. Brands or two different styles colors, whatever. If you blow your lollygagging true. So this is just our vice Brown eye shadow palette and I've now turned into probably my brow palette.

What's up some of yesterday's makeup on? Oh, that once I got a little more little more love than the other one.

So I don't know I mean I kinda see the point cuz you don't really need to be wondering, but people still need like underwear and socks and chxt know, especially like nurses like they need clean clothes and stuff that they could wear. But yeah, I thought we can all see it my nose. The Hi Broke eyeliner lete but I didn't get that far today, so we're just gonna forget it.

Otherwise, I just feel like I'm talking to myself, I did redo my nails last night as you saw. So I've got my my sponge.