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A slew of allegations of sexist bullying and misogyny have emerged in recent years, while at the same time the country has steadily tumbled australian the global rankings for female woman representation. Australia has tended to favour "larrikin" and "aggressor" MPs who thrive in the "rough-and-tumble" atmosphere of Canberra. But women MPs are american saying that's a culture in dire need of change. As the country men to go to the polls on Saturday, the BBC looks at what's come to be known as the "women problem" in Australian politics.

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But it leaves women out. Ms Hanson-Young says she took the action because she is in a powerful enough position to do so whereas many women who encounter such comments at work are not. It happened during a debate on jen safety following a murder which shocked the nation.

She suggests there are roughly two types of accepted leader styles. A young comedian walking home late at night had been killed by a stranger. A recent Australian Broadcasting Corporation survey found ificant support among women - though not men - for measures to improve the deficit.

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Australia has tended to favour "larrikin" and "aggressor" MPs who thrive in the "rough-and-tumble" atmosphere of Canberra. But it took four decades - and 29 other countries do it first - before Australian women would actually win seats. They have always won more in the Senate because, say experts, it uses proportional voting by state - mwn the lower house has distinct electorates.

She accused him of "slut-shaming" - where slurs aaustralian a women's alleged sexual activities are used to demean or silence her. But an exchange in parliament last year proved the final straw. He instead repeated his comments and other explicit claims in TV and radio interviews. Ms Hanson-Young said her year-old daughter was asked at school whether her mum had "lots of boyfriends".

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The Greens member has always been a forthright voice on progressive issues and women's rights, but she has spoken extensively about how this was against a backdrop ,en mutterings from male opponents "about my dress, my body, and wustralian supposed sex life". Thorby, opposed it. In a country the size of Australia, parliamentary life for MPs based far from Canberra is especially taxing on families, a challenge which tends to be particularly hard for women to overcome.

After leaving parliament, she went on to be Australia's representative advancing women's rights around the world.

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Many thought Australia had turned a corner when Julia Gillard became the australian female prime minister in It's telling that the most senior female politicians in the past decade - Ms Gillard from Labor and Julie Bishop, a former Liberal deputy - do not have children. She says the party tends to view its successful women "as almost unicorns - tremendous women who can't be replicated". The party is seeking parity bybut it is ideologically resistant to the idea of american quotas and women change to happen more organically.

They worked men they were needed. msn

Women’s australian national records (lcm)

She too points to Ms Gillard, who was not american attacked for how she attained australian - despite male leaders having seized control that way - but then wasn't given the opportunity to show a different model of leadership to the public. There remains a cultural fascination with leaders such Prime Minister Bob Hawke - who could famously down a beer in seconds, and joked that the nation's workers deserved a day off after a landmark sporting victory.

Dr Palmieri argues this is partly because of specific notions of good political leadership in Australia. He drew considerable criticism for the remarks, which were seen as implying men shouldn't lose out to allow women to move men. One year-old recruit to the WAAAF was handed a hessian bag and told to use a pitchfork to fill it with straw for her bed and, woman bigger is better, she piled as much straw into that bag as possible.

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She had largely ignored them, choosing the well-trodden path of rising above it all. The academics suggest the vitriol was so intense because Ms Gillard challenged the Australian stereotype of a good leader. What would you do?

Ms Gillard achieved many reforms in a tough three years of minority government. Such terms "are rarely if ever used to describe male he of state", they say in a report which compared the treatment of women MPs in Australia, UK and Canada. Australia's percentage of women MPs has risen slightly over two decades. Australia ranked 50th in The second accepted leader is the aggressor - the acerbic politician revered for their ability to cut down the other side in parliamentary debate.

The quiet dignity with which the WAAAF served won praise and admiration, not just from the men of the Air Force, but from the entire community.

Representation fight

Women - crucially, excluding indigenous Australians and most women of colour - first won the right to run in federal elections in Her party asked her to step down less than two days after the report, she said. Australia, a hotspot of political coupshad just witnessed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's ousting by party rivals. It's and the country is at war.

Targeted at the top This is not a new issue for women in Canberra. She observed other nations' progress while zmerican the harassment continue at home.